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E-Flite RV-7
RC Planes

E-Flite RV-7 RC Plane – A Beginner Pilot’s Perspective

E-Flite RV-7 1.1m RC Plane To challenge myself and my flying skills even more, I decided to grab the brand new E-Flite RV-7 RC plane and film …

Abby Saylor emotional flight
RC Planes

Her FIRST 6S JET Flight Ends in TEARS! E-Flite Viper 70mm EDF Jet

E-Flite Viper 70mm 6s EDF Jet WOW! This was the most nervous I (Abby) have ever been to fly an RC.  Like not just pounding …

Banggood TopRC Hobby Sport Plane
RC Planes

The RC Airplane You Should Have Bought! – TopRC Hobby Sport Plane

Top RC Hobby Riot RC Plane We love when we find a diamond in the rough on websites like BangGood.  Upon opening this TopRC Hobby Riot …

TheRcSaylors Video Thumbnail for Viper 90mm
RC Planes

E-Flite Viper 90mm – Most IMPRESSIVE RC Jet Flight Ever!!!

E-Flite Viper 90mm EDF Jet Battery Charger Transmitter E-flite’s 90mm Viper is easily our most impressive EDF RC Jet that we’ve ever laid our hands on, …

3 minute knife edge challenge Turbo Timber
RC Planes


E-Flite Timber Plane Lineup 3s Battery 4s Battery Charger Transmitter It is always easy to become complacent, whether that is in life or in our …

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