Top 3 Best GPS Camera Drones of 2021

Every Christmas we get asked to make our Best of Class list, so here it is!  The Top 3 BEST GPS Camera Drones of 2021.

3. ZLRC SG906 Pro 2 Drone

This drone comes in under $200 and it was one of the best drones we flew this year.  This camera drone is very beginner friendly, and it could easily by someone’s first GPS Camera drone.  It is a return to home feature, so if you ever get lost or disoriented, this drone can fly back to the point where it took off.  Also, it has a feature called altitude hold where it maintains the height its flying at without the pilot having to manually adjust or hold the throttle.  This makes it a lot less complicated to fly.  Plus, don’t forget that nice carrying case that Nate is obsessed with!  Oh and there is an option to purchase additional batteries.

2. DJI

This may seem broad, but any DJI drone.  While DJI gets on our nerves sometimes, they put out fantastic high quality drones.  The above videos are our 2 favorite DJI drones of the year.  Abby put the miles on the DJI FPV drone and got some amazing footage for the channel this year.  Nate has loves flying the DJI Air 2s drone which has a spectacular range, camera, and flight time.  

1. DeeRC DE22

The DEERC DE22 was Nate’s most flown drone in 2021. This drone is sold on amazon, and it has an amazing price tag coming in under some of DJI’s cheapest drone especially when it is on sale.  We have seen it as low as $350 during the year.  It is an awesome drone that comes with a couple of batteries.  This camera drone has a nice smooth gimbal with no jello and a good camera.  It has great range to capture an array of footage.  The main reason this drone comes in at number one for us is because we are not a nervous nelly flying this like we are with DJI.  The DE22 comes in at half the price of most DJI drones with similar features.  It definitely isn’t the same quality as DJI drones, but not breaking the bank means something when it comes to enjoying flying drones.

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