Must Have RC Tools Every Hobby Enthusiast Needs

You NEED These RC Tools 2021 Gift Ideas For RC Cars & Planes. This is the perfect gift guide for the RC enthusiast in your life! People ask us all the time about some of our favorite tools we use in this hobby, so we made a list for you!

A lipo alarm is the cheapest investment you can make to save hundreds in the long run.  This little tool will start beeping when your cell voltages drop below the point you set.  I have a video below that explain it perfectly, but basically this tool alarms you that your battery is getting low before you push your battery past its limits and cause permanent damage.  This tool is a must have for all hobbist.

Everyone needs a good Hex set.  The one we linked above includes the most commonly used sizes in RC.  We love this set and think everyone needs one of these as well!

These portable electric generators, or portable power systems as they are sometimes called, are a great way to take electricity with you where ever you go.  We often find it difficult to find charging stations at events or in some of the locations we go to film, so this is the perfect tool to be able to charge our batteries while one the go.  Plus, this is perfect when we go camping!

People ask us all the time to do repair videos when we crash our planes.  We think that always seems silly because its literally just hot gluing the plane back together; however, many people may not realize hot gluing is all we are doing.  We repair all of our foam planes this way!

Batteries are at the center of our hobby, so we decided to recommend our favorite charger and 2 safety tips for battery storage and charging.  We store all of our lipo batteries in an unsealed ammo can, and while we are charging we place our batteries in a lipo bag.  This is just generally good practice (in our opinion) for safety with batteries.

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