It’s ALIVE!! My Giant Airplane Exploded Then This Happened…

After a devastating crash on the maiden, the FMS Beaver 2000mm is repaired!  Check out the crash, well really explosion, here!  Big thanks to my buddy Gary from I Just Got Here YouTube channel for repairing my plane while I was swamped!  

Actually, I think Gary didn’t want to give it back because this RC airplane flies that good!  I was quite surprised with how fun this was to fly.  I currently have about 3 giant 6+ foot wingspan red and white planes, and I think this craft might be my favorite.  It flies like it is on rails, and I really enjoyed flying every minute.

As for what happened during the maiden flight, I believe my motor mount was not attached properly.  Upon examining the crash, I only found two bolts inside the plane loose in the fuselage.  

Some people in the video comments blamed me for the crash for 1 not taking my airplane apart and examining every square inch of it before flying and not landing the second I noticed the sound getting louder.  Here is my response.  Number 1, I don’t sugar coat my experience on our YT channel.  I will always be 100% honest with me out of the box experiences.  I think it is up to the manufacturer to assemble their product correctly.  If this was a kit, then things would be different, but for a PNP this should have been done properly.  Number 2, I was literally 5 feet off the ground landing when this happened.  If I wouldn’t have given it that last bit of juice to keep it from possibly stalling on landing, then maybe the explosion wouldn’t have happened.  

Either way, I fly as safe as I can, and that is why I will never fly without AMA.  Learn more about AMA here.  Secondly, Horizon Hobby customer service took care of it and sent me every part I needed to repair the RC plane and get it air worthy again.  They are a great company with A+ customer service.

I am so happy to have this RC plane.  It was my first ever FMS aircraft, and it makes me excited to see what else this company has to offer.

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