UdiRC 1601 – the CHEAP RC Drift Car Everyone is TALKING ABOUT!

This is the cheap RC drift car everyone is talking about. With the brushed version coming in at $65 and the brushless version at $115 with 2 batteries, this cheap RC drift car is a head turner. This is the Udirc 1601 rc drift car that comes completely ready to run.  Watch the video above to see what we think of the RC Drift Car!

Udi RC 1601 RC Drift Car


This model is equipped with full-scale synchronous control functions such as forward, backward, left and right turning, braking, LED light,proportional throttle and steering, as well as battery overcharge protection and overcurrent protection

LED angel light eyes controllable headlights

ESP body electronic stability system (gyro)

With ball bearings

2.4G full-scale synchronous remote control system

PA gear differential, all metal transmission shaft (front CVD, rear dog bone)

Rally wheels are standard, and a set of spare wheels can be replaced

Package Includes

Package Included:
1X Brushless RC Car
2/3X Batteries(the number is selected by yourself)
4X Spare Tires
1X USB Charging Cable
1X Instruction Manual
1X Small Cross Sleeve 

Udi 1601 RC Car TheRcSaylors

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