The RC Airplane You Should Have Bought! – TopRC Hobby Sport Plane

We love when we find a diamond in the rough on websites like BangGood.  Upon opening this TopRC Hobby Riot RC plane, it was apparent that it was well built with quality materials and parts.  It just felt good, even better than Dynam brand planes.  With an easy assembly, we had extremely high hopes that this rc airplane would perform well in the sky.

This RC aircraft comes as a PNP (plug and play) model in blue or red.  Plug and play typically means the RC comes with all the electronics already installed, but you will need your own transmitter/receiver combo as well as a battery and charger.  This helps keep the cost down on all RC models.  We have everything you need to get this RC plane in the air linked below and throughout this blog post!

We were pumped to get this rc plane in the skies, just based on our first impressions.  Immediately on take off for the maiden flight, we knew we had a winner on our hands.  This rc airplane tore up the skies.  The snaps and maneuvers this craft pulled off were really impressive.  The most notable feature was the rc plane’s ability to fly inverted (upside down).  It is one of the easiest planes to fly inverted we have ever had our hands on.  When Nate is ready to try his next challenge of flying upside down for 3 minutes, I bet he will use this plane to do it.

It is not often that a plane coming from a website like Banggood makes us this excited, but the TopRC Hobby Riot really impressed us.  This is definitely a brand we want to see more rc planes.  If you have any suggestions or comments about this brand, let us know in the comments below!

Brand: TOPRC Hobby
Model: RIOT
Wingspan: 1400mm
Length: 1130mm
Wing Loading: 40.3g/dm²
Flight time: about 6 minutes
Propeller: 12*8
Motor: 3720 880KV Outunner Brushless
ESC: 40A Brushless
Servo: 9g*2+17g*2
Battery Required: 2200-2400mAh 11.1V Lipo (not included)
Radio: 4CH (not included)

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