It is always easy to become complacent, whether that is in life or in our hobbies.  Getting in that groove and safe comfort zone is great, but the thrill of pushing outside of that bubble can really get the adrenaline pumping.  Nate decided it was time to push himself a little bit more, so he came up with a challenge for himself and anyone who happens upon this video.

Say hello to the 3 minute knife edge challenge!  If you’re unfamiliar, a knife edge in the RC aircraft hobby is an aerobatic maneuver where the pilot uses aileron to roll the plane on its side and holds rudder to keep a nose up 45 degree angle to maintain the altitude.  Basically the pilot makes the plane fly on its side with the wing completely vertical and the nose of the plane pointing slightly upwards like the picture of the left.  Most intermediate pilots can complete this well known move in a straight line across the sky for a few seconds.  Nate is attempting to hold this knife edge for 3 minutes which makes this move even more difficult as it involves having to turn the RC plane using the elevator while still holding that vertical wing position. It definitely boggles and confuses the brain while attempting, as it confused mine even while typing this!

Nate decided to use his old, used and abused E-Flite Turbo Timber to complete this challenge.  This RC plane is now discontinued, but has been replaced by the new and improved E-Flite Turbo Timber Evolution (pictured above).  E-Flite has a whole line up of Timber style planes, and the Evolution is probably the most capable and agile of all of them.  A couple weeks ago we flew the E-Flite Night Timber X that has LED lights running throughout the whole plane which always turns some heads.

Back on track here, Nate decided to hold a knife edge for 3 whole minutes.  Something he has never been able to do previously.  Join him in the video above to see if he completes the challenge!  We would love to see your attempts at this challenge, so #3minuteknifeedgechallenge and tag @TheRcSaylors to show us your attempts.  Best of luck and happy flying!

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