The world’s most impressive model F16 RC Jet

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After 2 years of ownership, we still fly and LOVE our E-Flite F16 Thunderbirds.  The world-renowned U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds is one of the most well know demonstrations teams around the globe, so this a perfect jet to add to your warbird collection.  This is a 6s jet and hits speeds well over 100mph.  This 70mm EDF (electric ducted fan) Jet is sure to turn heads with it’s scale looks and attention to detail.  Plus, check out those retractable landing gear Nate shows off in the video.  They are beautiful!  

This is a great intermediate to advanced EDF because it can be easy to fly with the equipped and exclusive AS3X and Safe Select technologies.  The EPO foam makes this a more durable and forgiving jet if a crash does occur.  This was one of Nate’s first 6s jets, and it is still standing and going strong.  We highly recommend this as an affordable way to step into the world of big & fast EDF jets.

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