So, I have to tell you about the E-Flight UMX Night Vapor. Yes, it only has a 1s battery, but it has a 25-minute battery life! It lights up at night and can be flown indoors. And with its portability, you’ll never have to worry about making much room for it when traveling with friends or family members who are also interested in flying an RC plane! This one is perfect for beginners because of how easy it is to control – not to mention how affordable it is too! What are you waiting for? If you are looking for a great plane little indoor/travel plane, you need this.

The products in this video are rated for ages 14+.

4 thoughts on “YOU NEED THIS RC PLANE IN YOUR COLLECTION! – E-Flite UMX Night Vapor RC Plane”

  1. Hi guys, new subscriber and first time subscriber even though i have been watching your airplane video’s for a long while now, even brought the emachine mustang because of your review. By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and glad your having a nice vacation. Anyway, this plane looks so relaxing to fly. No pressure from flying space or hard crashes. something to look at in the future. I was wondering, maybe i missed this video, but, do you have a video on a flying boat? I got one at a flee market new, foam and wood, and is so nice that iam afraid to try to fly it and crash it. Saw some video’s on other sites, looks cool, different, just wondering your take on it. Thanks for all your video’s. Bob

  2. On my list to own for awhile. Would love to win one from your channel.. I’ve been watching for over 3yrs now and love the videos. Keep up the great work.

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