CHEAPEST Yacht You Could Ever Own! – Heng Long 3837 RC Boat

As we were researching RC boats, we came upon this $130 RC boat that has two motors (yes you read that right) but it actually runs and turns great. We thought that for $130 it would be terrible, but we were pleasantly surprised! So if you want to join the Yacht Club but your not rich, then this could be just what you need.

This RC boat is an amazing buy for only $130. After we received it, we were not sure what to expect. However, we were pleasantly surprised by how well it ran and turned. We thought that two motors would be too much and the boat would not turn properly, but this was not the case at all! This product has exceeded our expectations and is a nice buy.

The pros of this boat are that it is cheap, runs well, and turns nicely. It also looks pretty cool. And it stays dry on the inside, which is yet another pro. The cons are that the radio sticks fall off easily. It’s also pretty loud, which may or may not be a pro! Lastly, the battery is pretty loose in the boat, which is not great.

Again, we thought it was going to be terrible! But we were surprised and pleased with how well it actually performs. It runs great and turns better than expected. Definitely worth the buy if you want to join the yacht club but are not rich!

The Heng Long 3837 RC Boat is a scaled yacht that runs and turns great. We were pleasantly surprised with the performance of this boat, as we thought it would be terrible for $130. The pros are cheap price, well-running motors, and turning better than expected; however, there are cons such as loose battery and radio sticks falling off easily. Overall we think it’s worth buying if you want to join the Yacht Club but can’t afford the real thing!

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