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  1. I just signed on and was hping to find a venue on your site specially for question concerning newer battery technology. I am old school and grew up with NiCad and understood everything there was to understand about the technology. I will admit now that I am lost on the newer batteries and very cautious due to articles that reveal the fires and explosions that come from charging. I read all caution notices about batteries and talked to Hobby Lobby in my area and they set me up with a quality charger for the newer batteries. They closed during Covid so I only have the internet to access info. You address the batteries at times and refer to a maintenance storage charge but honestly I have no clue how to determine the battery is at a storage charge level. I have two models that utilize the liPo and I do not know how to maintenance them. They are fairly expensive and I would hate to ruin them. Is there an article within your site I can visit? I have seen no articles to address this that make the subject easy to understand. Maybe you have a link for a layperson to better understand of the Lipo technology to help those of us that are old timers that want to do this well. I love gas but folks have seemed to gravitate to electric and I get it. It is a childhood memory with gas power that keeps me interested in those style of power houses for cars, planes, cars, and helicopters. Thx

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