Steve + Chelsey: Ashland KY Wedding Videography Highlights

Ashland, KY wedding videography at its finest.  Steve and Chelsey were married on June 21, 2014 at the lovely Park Place in Ashland, Kentucky with The Downtown Venue Group.  They chose TheRcSaylors Videography to capture their wedding day from start to finish with the Grand Package.  Read more to check out the video!

The Park Place is a beautiful location right in downtown Ashland, KY across from the gorgeous Central Park.  We arrived at the location, and The Downtown Venue Group treated us like family from the moment we arrived.  They did everything they could to help the bride and groom have a special day.  Nate couldn't wait to break out the quad copter to get some aerial footage of the facility while Abby captured location shots.  Next, we headed up the elevator and were greeted by the mother of the bride, 9 bridesmaids, and the bride surrounded by her hair and makeup artist.  We loved filming Chelsey and her bridesmaids.  They were a hoot to work with!

Once the groom and 9 groomsmen arrived, Nate headed downstairs to get pre-wedding footage of them.  To his surprise, they all pulled out their guitars and started singing and strumming on the guitar.  I think Nate was in heaven for the next hour while he listened to the groom and groomsmen play.  Boy could they sing!  The time came for them to put their guitars away and start getting ready for the ceremony.

The photographer, Bruce Royal, scoped out the perfect location for pre-wedding photos in Central Park, and we were able to capture some amazing bridal shots of Chelsey in her gorgeous dress and cheetah shoes.  We even got to enjoy some drive by music which made everyone laugh.

The ceremony started, and we could not believe how much detail Chelsey and Steve put into their decorations.  The isle was lined with Shepard's hooks with flowers and bows, sashes draped the chairs, and at the end of the isle was a beautiful trellis with a sparkling chandelier hanging from the center.  The sun was just starting to go down, which made for some perfect sun glare shots which Abby loves to use when she edits!

The ceremony started, and the flower girl definitely stole the show when she accidentally fell going down the isle and lost her shoe.  She was by far the cutest flower girl we have encountered!  However, Chelsey quickly stole the show back when she walked down the isle escorted by her father.  The wedding ceremony was stunning, and the bridesmaids played a cute prank on Chelsey when she shared her first kiss with Steve.  Check out the surprise by watching the highlight video!

Once the ceremony was over and the bridal party photography session started, Nathan broke out the quad copter again to get some sweet aerial footage of the 18 bridesmaids and groomsmen and the bride and groom.  They all loved watching the quad copter fly and even gave the on board camera a wave!

Then we headed over to the reception hall, and our jaw dropped with how beautiful the decorations were.  The bridal party made their entrances, and then it was time for the party to start.  The bride and groom shared their first dance, as well as the father-daughter dance.  Then the speeches began, and the maid of honors's speech blew us away with their version of how Chelsey met Steve to the tune of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air".  Next Chelsey and Steve smashed their gorgeous cake in each others faces and shared their toast.  Once the time was right, the party lights came on and it was time to dance.  Everyone was so fun to film and loved having the cameras there to film them.

At the end of the day, TheRcSaylors Videography loved that Chelsey and Steve chose us to capture their Ashland, KY wedding video.  We are confident their wedding video will be treasured for years to come!  Best wishes to the happy couple!


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