Ashland Kentucky Wedding Videography

Ashland Kentucky wedding videography with TheRcSaylors Videography.  Read about our history below and be sure to navigate our page to learn more about us and see our work!

TheRcSaylors began when Nate purchased two remote controlled cars.  We did a little research on what car to buy, and quickly discovered the massive amount of YouTube videos there are on RC products, so we pulled out or digital camera, put it on video mode, and started making videos of RC vehicles.

Before we knew it, we upgraded our camera to a GoPro Hero 3, and Hobbico, the world's largest hobby manufacturer, discovered our videos and started sending us products to review.  From there, we started getting into aerial videography and we were hired by some local companies to make promotional videos for them.  At this point, we upgraded our cameras to DSLRs, and we were absolutely loveing filming, editing, and producing videos of any kind.

Our friends saw our videos and loved them, and asked us to film their wedding, and then we got a referral from a local photography company of a bride needing a videographer.  We accepted both weddings, and are now researching anything and everything wedding videography related.

Stay tuned to check out our videos, and contact us for more information regarding wedding videos!

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  • Ironton, OH Wedding Videography
  • Ironton, OH Wedding Videography
  • Ironton, OH Wedding Videography
  • Ironton, OH Wedding Videography
  • nate saylor

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