Abby Saylor is from Huntington, WV where she attended Marshall University and earned her Master’s Degree in School Counseling. While attending college, she was a member of the Marching Thunder as a baton twirler. Shortly after graduating, she said “I do” to Nate and made Ashland, KY her home. Abby has a passion for helping others and is employed with the Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation as a counselor where she helps individuals with disabilities gain employment.

Abby’s enthusiasm for technology quickly came to surface when the couple started their RC youtube channel, TheRcSaylors. She soon decided to share her skills of baton twirling with the world by creating TheAbbyTwirls where she edits and produces free baton twirling tutorial videos. Her YouTube channel and her career as a counselor enables her to touch the lives of numerous people while doing what she loves with the man she loves.

When we were approached to film weddings, Abby could not hold in her excitement. Abby loves anything and everything wedding related, and she will do whatever she can to capture someone’s memorable day through film.